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Mark 16: 17-18 Jesus said “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

I spent far too many decades searching for a ministry and church who operates like Jesus told us they would. Not all churches teach on spiritual things or operate in 5 fold ministry like a genuine believer with those signs in the power of the promised Holy Spirit where we could have deliverance and be set free; where signs, wonders and miracles are active today for true disciples of Jesus Christ and anybody hungry enough to receive from Our Lord.

If you have been searching for a real fellowship that flows in love, true believers, servants, and lovers of our Lord, congratulations! Your search is over! This is a place to grow, to heal, to be set free, and led into a deeper relationship with our Amazing God. The Lord started my healing and deliverance journey the day Dr. Prophetess Martha laid hands on me to pray and I have been radically changed ever since by the Lord using this ministry.

Amanda Ribeiro

I met Martha at the bank, where she and her husband came to open a business account. Before arriving, she kept calling the branch and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to come in. We were all busy, but as I was helping my customer, my spirit said, “pick up.” I briefly spoke to her and scheduled her to come in on a Saturday. I felt convicted by the Spirit ignoring her phone call, although it wasn’t on purpose or intentional. However, God has often called and waited for me, yet, I ignored Him. I introduced myself to her when she came in, and she told me about her book. I purchased the book and immediately was amazed by what God has done in her life. I looked her up on Facebook, hoping she didn’t think I was a stalker. A few days after reading her book, I messaged her asking if she could mentor me. She asked me to go to her house and why I wanted her to mentor me. I shared with her that it was something I felt in my spirit about her. She said she would pray and ask God how to go about this request. I respected that answer and was okay with what the outcome will be. As a woman of God who leads by His direction, I knew that if the answer was not what I wanted- I at least know she heard from Him. She received confirmation, and we began our journey. Her book gave me the power to strengthen my faith and really rely on God for everything and anything. We then transitioned into a program that consisted of 90 Days. Boy, that was tough but so good! The enemy challenged me many times, and she was there pushing me through. It was from a book called “Becoming The Woman I Wanted to Be.” I was truly blessed by it, and since then, I have been so disciplined in my walk with God spiritually, mentally, and physically. I truly enjoy Martha and her husband; they are an equally yoked couple, and they complement each other well. I can see how and why God orchestrated their union. I am blessed to have and know them both! Thank you for all you do!!

Jochabel M.Rosado

90 Day Testimony

This group came to me in a time I needed it most. There is no such thing as a coincidence with the Lord. When Martha approached me about this book; it was the beginning to an outfall with the two closest females in my life. I didn’t know at first how much I was really going to need not only the sisterhood that comes with it but the wisdom through the study. I was able to gain three new sisters that I know I can count on praying for me when I need. Sometimes we think of friendship as someone you talk about every little detail of every minute with. I learned through this study that friendship is having common beliefs and having full trust that the other person will be there for you through thick and thin. During this process I not only lost friendships, I went through mourning, my daughter suffered from a seizure. I went through trials that I did not understand. The wisdom and truth in the study helped me heal, helped me grow as woman. God’s word is unfailing, and it gave me strength. My life will never be the same as now I know who I am in the word of God.

Corina Seward

When I first began reading “Becoming the Woman GOD wants me to be,” I didn’t really know what the outcome would be. Yes I have been in church for about 10 years now, I’ve been baptized, filled with the HOLY GHOST, and now an ordained minister but that doesn’t mean I was truly living out my full potential. I was going to church,reading my word, praying, fasting, and everything else that comes along with being a devoted CHRISTIAN. I’ll be honest though being a single mother to a teenage boy causes my schedule to be a little chaotic at times so although I was doing all that I needed to do it, it was often rushed and not always consistent. That all changed during this program it taught me how to manage my time and of course starting my day with GOD (which I was doing but not giving him the ample time he deserves). I was truly BLESSED by all of the lessons the author taught throughout the 90 days. As I long back to say one to today I can truly say I’ve been changed the daily routines help me draw closer unto GOD and I have a better understanding of who I was created to be! Dr. Prophetess Martha Thompson was the leader and she was amazing. She broke things down to where a child could have understood which is great for a babe in CHRIST. She made herself available to the group at all times if we had a question or we just wanted to chat we were able to reach her by phone as well as email. I will forever be grateful for the sisterhood that was created over the past 90 days. This program definitely requires a lot of commitment and discipline but don’t let that scare you away it’s only going to benefit you in the end!!! RISE UP LADIES IT’S TIME TO BECOME THE WOMAN GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE!!!

Minister Brandi Schmitz

I was blessed to have an encounter with Martha and Charles at a time when I was in distress and struggling.  I came to them for counseling and left having been delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit.  To say I will never be the same is an understatement!  The care, concern and revelations I received from them, I inspires and comforted me.  I came in broken and left healed and empowered by the Lord.  This amazing couple is indeed a dynamic duo for Christ and their work for the Lord is indeed a Kingdom asset!

V. White

I attended a deliverance session with Martha and her husband..

I was struggling with anger..it was emanating from bitterness towards my Mother.

I always had a difficult relationship with my Mom.
As she got older, she suffered from aggressive dementia, and I was her enemy…

I did not know I had such vile bitterness in my body.

As we progressed through the session, I spit a lot of gross, bitter saliva out and urinated a lot..my body was swollen…

I had no idea all that was from this issue with my Mother.

Needless to say. I no longer swell… I’m not bitter. I have forgiven my Mom…

We reconciled before she passed…

I am very grateful to the Thompsons’ ministry.

Lucie  Roca

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